At Least 57 Vital Facilities Were Targeted in February, 2015

57 Vital Facilities

Executive Summary:
During February for 2015, at least 57 vital facilities were targeted for attack. The number of violations committed are as follows:
Government forces: 39
Extremist groups:
Armed opposition factions: 16

The most targeted facilities in February, 2015:
11 schools, 9 medical facilities, 8 markets, 8 places of worship, 5 ambulances, 3 industrial facilities, 3 public utilities, 2 governmental facilities, 2 academic institutions, 2 infrastructure, a bridge, a refugee camp, and an archeological site.
If the Security Council is unable to oblige the Syrian government to carryout resolution 2139 that was issued on the twenty-second of February, 2014, which states putting an end to “random weapons usage without differentiation in populated areas, including air strikes and artillery, like using barrel bombs.”
Then the least that the Security Council can do, is to pressure the Syrian Regime to stop targeting these vital facilities such as schools, hospitals, markets, bakeries, and places of worship.
In this report The Syrian Network for Human Rights will shed light on the attacks that are documented by SNHR on these vital facilities, and we indicate that this is the minimum due to the many difficulties that confront us while documenting.
The Syrian Network for Human Rights can assure through its investigations that the mentioned facilities do not include military bases neither before nor during the attacks. Therefore the government forces and others who commit thus violations ought to explain in front of the UN and the Security Council the reasons behind these brutal attacks.

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