Statement on the Death Toll of the Indiscriminate Killing Campaign in Douma City

Death Toll of the Indiscriminate

Government forces killed no less than 121 victims in Douma city alone since the beginning of the indiscriminate killing campaign on 5 February. The victims are divided as follows:
Civilians: 101 victims including 19 children and 20 women
Rebels: 20 rebels
These statistics indicate that there is a systematic policy to kill civilians as the percentage of civilian victims amounted to 83% of the total number of victims while the percentage of rebel victims is 17%.. Also, the percentage of women and children victims is 32% which is a notably high percentage that is unprecedented even in World War II.

The crime of extrajudicial killing can be classified as a crime against humanity, and most of the crimes deliberately targeted civilian residents.
SNHR urges Mr. de Mistura to visit, along with an investigation team, Eastern Ghouta, which is only 10 minutes away from the capital Damascus, to see the catastrophes which the barbarian attacks and siege have caused