Six Media Activists Killed, 12 Arrested and Kidnapped, and Two Injured in January 2015

390 media activists have been killed from the beginning of the Syrian revolution until the end of January 2015

Six Media Activists Killed

Executive Summary
Violations perpetrated against media activists during January 2015 are divided as follows:

– First: killing: SNHR documented the killing of six media activists as follows:
Government forces: killed two media activists
Extremist groups:
Daesh: killed a Japanese journalist
An-Nussra Front killed one media activist
Unidentified armed groups: killed two media activists
– Second: Arrests and kidnappings: we recorded 12 kidnapping and arrest cases as follows:
Government forces: three arrests by government forces were documented
Kurdish forces: kidnapped one media activist and was released later

Extremist groups:
Daesh: kidnapped a journalist
An-Nussra Front: kidnapped two media activists and released them later in addition to releasing two media activists who were arrested last month.
Armed opposition: Kidnapped three media activists and released one of them later
Unidentified groups: kidnapped two media activists
Third: Injuries: Two media activists were injured by government forces
Fourth: Violations against properties
Government forces: responsible for two cases
Armed opposition: responsible for two cases
An-Nussra Front: responsible for one case

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