On the 33th anniversary, where is justice for the victims of Hama 1982 massacre?


To this day, no court, regional or international was created to address the massacre, no security personnel, regardless of his rank, was held accountable, and none of the victims were remedied. The 17,000 enforced-disappearance cases resulted in a severe social disintegration which led to an overwhelming grief the effects of which haven’t gone away yet.
Unfortunately, the main suspect in this massacre, Rifaat Al-Assad, is still moving freely across Eu- rope and investing millions of dollars which he stole from the Syrian people.
We fear that the scenario of Hama massacre, 1982, will reoccur and impunity will protect the crimi- nals from punishment again in light of the Syrian constitution that grants impunity to every member of the security and military forces and the blatant absence of any discourse that supports the forma- tion of a special court amid the Russian and Chinese support, which are promoting the culture of impunity.

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