40 Massacres were Perpetrated at Least during December 2014

40 Massacres

Executive Summary
SNHR documented 40 massacres during the month of December 2014 as follows:
Government forces: perpetrated 32 massacres
Extremist groups: perpetrated seven massacres
Unidentified groups: perpetrated one massacre

Those massacre took place in various Syrian governorates as follows:
Der Ezzor: nine massacres
Damascus countryside: eight massacres
Idlib: six massacres
Aleppo: five massacres
Ar-Raqqa: four massacres
Daraa: four massacres
Homs: three massacres
Hama: one massacre
In those massacres, 545 victims were killed at least including 82 children and 41 women. This suggests that 22.57% of the victims who died in those massacres were children and women which is a significantly high percentage that clearly indicates that civilians were deliberately targeted in most of those massacres.

Victims who died in those massacres were divided as follows:
Government forces: 341 victims, including 79 children and 40 women.
Daesh: 199 victims including one child and one woman. Most of the victims were prisoners.
Unidentified groups: five victims including two children