Six Medics were Killed in December 2014

Six Medics

Executive Summary
SNHR’s high standards for documentation is based on collecting direct testimonies from survivors or victims’ families in addition to analyzing and verifying photos, video footages, and some medical records. However, we can’t claim that we’ve documented all the incidents in light of the ban and pursuit by the Syrian regime and other armed groups.
The consistent shelling and targeting of medical facilities and medical teams since 2011 by government forces indicates a systematic policy that only aims to kill more victims and deepens the suffering of the injured civilians and rebels.
In December, SNHR documented the killing of six medics by government forces:
Four doctors (three of whom were tortured to death. It is verified that doctors are subjected to crueler torture that other prisoners)
Two medical team members.

1- Ahmad Dibou Abdulqader, ambulance driver, from Aleppo – Ma’arat Al-Arteaq, 19-year-old, he died on 30 November, 2014 by a shrapnel that went through his heart after the government forces warplanes’ shelling on Aleppo countryside – Andan city.
2- Abdulhamid Abdulmu’ien At-Tallawi, from Idlib – Khan Shaikhoun city, he was arrested by government forces nine months ago, his family told us that they were informed that he was tortured to death inside a detention center on Wednesday 10 December, 2014.
3- Idrees Aber Al-Fadel, physician, from Der Ezzor – Boqrus town, he died on Tursday 16 December, 2014 by government forces warplanes that carried out an airstrike on At-Teb Al-Hadith Hospital in Der Ezzor – Al-Mayadien city.