The Syrian Christian Detainees between the Government Forces’ Suppression and the Extremist Organizations’ Terrorism

Christian Detainees

First: Introduction
The Syrian authorities detention of the civil movements’ activists: authors, politicians, media activists, aid workers, etc who form more than 90% of the total detainees, in addition to the existence of thousands of other religions proves without doubt that the Syrian authorities protect itself with minorities, not protecting them. In this report we’ll spot the light on the most prominent detainees of the Christians. Later, we’ll publish a study about the targeted churches in Syria, showing that 95% of the churches were targeted by the regime.
SNHR estimates the number of detainees by 215 thousands, and it has lists of 112 until the moment, which were gathered by our members and messages with the families and friends of the detainees, since 2011. These lists are available on our website via our search engine. By detaining them to the moment, the claims of the Syrian authorities, of fighting Qaeda and extremists since March 2011, have fallen apart.

The official security apparatuses published through their indirect media channels a lot of inflammatory phrases, such as “the Alawite in the tomb and the Christian to Beirut”, then referencing it to the various populations of the Syrian people, to spread division and sect. fighting. All of this is to show that what’s happening in Syria is a civil war, not a popular revolution in the face of a suppressive totalitarian regime, which is totally compatible with the needs and demands of the international community and the UN Security Council, which was clear, through four years, that they don’t any solution of the Syrian crisis. Many global media channels promoted the “civil war” term hugely since the beginning of 2012, even before the announcement of the International Inquiry Committee results that what’s going in Syria is an internal armed conflict, in March 2012, after a year of the Syrian revolution. The international committee of the Red Cross announced that in June 2012, when many media channels relied on the media propaganda made by the Syrian intelligence, and still until the moment.

The brutal suppression, the local Syrian militias and security personnel committing of clearing massacres, based on sect. background which the human mind was not able to imagine in the 21th century, and other reasons brought many extremist groups, and achieved what the Syrian authorities wanted of portraying events of Syria as a conflict between Sunni extremist organizations seeking to topple a secular regime.

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