In October 2014: Seven Media Activist Killed, Five Kidnapped and Arrested, and Six Injured

Media Activist Killed

Violations against media activist for this month are distributed as follows:
• Killing: SNHR documented the killing of seven media activists as follows:
– The Syrian regime: killed six media activists including one media activist who died under torture inside the Syrian regime detention centers.
– Extremist armed groups: ISIS killed one media activist.
– Arresting and kidnapping: five cases of kidnapping and arresting were recorded: three by armed opposition factions, one by Asayish forces affiliated to the Kurdish party PYD, and one by Jabhat al-Nusra
– Injuries: five injuries were documented, all by regime forces.

A situation of media mess is emerging and dominating the media scene in Syria. This situation appears significantly through the number of contradictory information about the prominent events and violations along the country, lack of reliable sources, incidents blackout or even blocking it, and the difficulty of reaching it; especially in ISIS-controlled areas, that it imposes in a situation of terrifying and frightening about professional and independent media work. Although theses areas’ do not exceed 40% of Syria, those darkness area are extending to other areas, which are under the control of regime and the authority of other armed parties in the war; though there is a divergent range of violations biased to the Syrian regime and ISIS.
We can say that the deteriorating security conditions and the ongoing crimes and violations against media activists at the hands of the armed parties, are the most notable challenges and obstacle that the media field is facing today in Syria. These challenges prevent the media work from keeping up with the complicated and rapid developments on different levels. Furthermore, it resulted in negatively affecting the performance of the media to do its functional and active role in observing incidents and news and publishing it.