The Syrian regime targets a hospital, a clinic, a market, a school, and two mosques in Saraqeb

saraqeb22Saraqeb city is located in southeastern Idlib. On the first and second day of Al-Adhd Eid, the Syrian regime dropped more than 10 barrel bombs on the city targeting the vital centers. The main mosque and the northern mosque were targeted in addition to the city market, Al-Ihsan hospital, the city clinic, and the school of the southwestern neighborhood. All of these locations are civil centers. SNHR investigation showed that there were no military presence near those centers during or before the attack.

Furthermore, the airstrikes targeted a school in the northern neighborhood. The school was a military headquarter for the armed opposition before it was evacuated a month ago.

The media activist Laith offered SNHR his testimony about the airstrikes:

“The first airstrike was in the morning and targeted the city market and the main mosque which is located near the market. The market was destroyed greatly while the doors and windows of the mosque were damaged. After two hours, the warplanes targeted a school in the northern neighborhood, which was used as a military headquarter, with barrel bombs and a very large explosive container, which was used for the first time. The school was evacuated as the rebels were afraid that it might be targeted.”

“On the next day, four barrel bombs were dropped on Al-Ihsan hospital and the city clinic. The hospital is now out of commission.”

“The destruction was huge and indescribable and covered an area of 500 M in addition to various damages that covered an area of 2 Km.”

The local media activist “Sami” told SNHR about the shelling

“The shelling begun at approximately at 9:30 with two barrel bombs. The first one was dropped on the market in the middle of the city to destroy 30 shops in addition to the fruit market that was damaged too. Also, the explosion destroyed the doors and windows of the main mosque. The second barrel bomb was dropped on the western neighborhood.”

“The second airstrikes was two hours after the first one and targeted the northern neighborhood. A very large explosive container was used instead of barrel bombs. I haven’t seen such thing before. The container caused considerable destruction in the northern mosque and the northern school, which was previously a military headquarter before it was evacuated a while ago. Afterwards, the southern area was targeted with a barrel bomb that caused damages in the southern school.”

“At approximately 8:00 PM, the Syrian regime warplanes dropped a barrel bomb on Al-Ihsan hospital in the southwestern neighborhood.”

“On the second day of Eid, the Syrian regime dropped four barrel bombs. The first was dropped at approximately 9:00 AM and targeted Al-Ihsan hospital for a second time to put it out of commission. At approximately 11:00, the eastern neighborhood “As-Sena’a” and the clinic in the northwestern neighborhood were both targeted. We saw the smoke and the aftermath of the shelling.”