27 Documented Massacres in September 2014

Massacres in September

SNHR documented 27 massacres perpetrated during the month of September. The Syrian regime and its militias perpetrated 25 of the 27 massacres while the Kurdish Protection Forces perpetrated one and one massacre was perpetrated by the international alliance forces

Distribution of the massacre perpetrated in September by the governorate

Damascus countryside: seven massacres

Aleppo: six massacres

Der Ezzor: four massacres

Idlib: four massacres

Ar-Raqqa: two massacres

Homs: two massacres

Al-Hassaka: two massacres

Hama: one massacre

The most notable massacre was in Doma on 11 September, 2014 where SNHR documenting team documented 58 victims killed in that massacre at least.

In total, 551 victims including 122 children and eight women were killed in the massacres perpetrated in September according to SNHR documenting team. The percentage of women and children victims, 36%, indicates that civilian residents were targeted in all the massacres.