The Syrian Regime Perpetrated Four Massacres in Ten Days in Doma


The Syrian regime has escalated its attacks and shelling against Doma city which is out of its control. However, the Syrian regime has been carrying out indiscriminate attacks that doesn’t distinguish between civil and military targets since 2011. Sometimes, the percentage of civilian victims exceeds 86% and the percentage of child and woman victims 22%. Even if those alleged military targets do exist, the Syrian regime doesn’t respect the principle of proportionality in its attacks.
The airstrikes carried out by the Syrian regime’s aerial arsenal resulted in four horrific massacres in no approximately 10 days (9 September – 21 September). Additionally, there were dozens of killing cases. It should be noted that the Syrian regime is the only force who possesses aerial airstrike in Syria,
SNHR documented, in these massacre, the killing of no less than 123 victims including 121 civilians; among whom were 42 children and 21 women while only two rebels were killed. Furthermore, 450 at least were injured including 60 critical cases.
The Syrian regime used 34 directed missiles and 10 thermobaric missiles. On Tuesday 16 September, 2014, the largest attack was carried out where the Syrian regime shelled the town with 10 missiles in one day.