Assyrians for existence and freedom


I. Introduction:
Since March 2011, the Assyrian Human Rights Network (AHRN) has documented 29 cases of detention of Assyrian Syrian citizens. In order to contribute to preventing these violations, AHRN believes it is necessary to highlight them and expose their perpetrators. It aspires to end the illegal inhumane treatment of Syrian detainees in Syrian regime prisons by holding the authorities fully legally responsible for the fate of these detainees.
II. Report methodology:
This report is based on the information gathered and documented by the AHRN’s team of field researchers in Syria. The report analyzes different types of violations committed by the Syrian authorities and their affiliated armed militias against detainees held in their prisons, based on victim (released detainees) statements and testimonies, some of which are quoted in the report. In addition, the report provides conclusions and recommendations based on the analysis of information gathered over the course of more than three years. Certain pieces of information have been withheld in order to ensure the safety of AHRN’s team. The names of former detainees who gave their testimonies have been changed as per their request and in order to protect their lives.

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