The Syrian Holocaust Branch 215

Syrian Holocaust

Security branches in Syria is still torturing the prisoners in the most horrible and brutal ways possible. This systematic daily torturing causes the death of five person everyday as an average. SNHR has published an extensive study on 1 April, 2013 about the security breaches’ structure and directors at that time. Nevertheless, due to the unimaginably-horrible testimonies and pictures sent to us from the branch 215 (Raid Squad), we will try, in this report, to shed the light on the branch 215 which has alone more than 7500 detainee all of them experience daily the most brutal and horrible torture.
There are four main intelligence branches in Syria
Air Intelligence (Air Security)
Military Intelligence (Military Security)
General Intelligence (General Security)
Political Security
Prisoners of Air Intelligence and Military Intelligence, whom Branch 215 is affiliated to, are the ones who experience the most brutal torture.
The report’s methodology is primarily based on personal and phone interviews with male and female prisoners who were released after verifying that they were indeed imprisoned at Branch 215. Out of 65 testimonies, we picked 11 testimonies that include various information. Please know that the names of the witnesses have been modified for security reasons considering that many of them are still in Syria.
Administrational structure and geographic location
One of the eleven main branches that are affiliated to the Military Security Branch as follows:
General Intelligence Administration – Military Security – Raid Squad Branch 215
The branch is located in Damascus city – Kafrsousa neighborhood – 6 June Street (also known as At-Tawjih As-Syasi Street)

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