47 Massacres Documented in August 2014

47 Massacres

Executive Summary
SNHR documented in the month of August no less than 47 massacres as follows:
Government forces: 39 massacres
Daesh: six massacres
Armed opposition groups: one massacre
Unidentified groups: one massacre
SNHR describes an incident as a massacre if it involved: “the deliberate killing of five unarmed people at least” for more information about our methodology, please visit the following URL
The regional distribution of the massacres was as follows:
Aleppo: 13 massacres
Idlib: eight massacres
Der Ezzor: seven massacres
Damascus countryside: six massacres
Daraa: five massacres
Hama: four massacres
Ar-Raqqa: two massacres
Homs: two massacres

In total, 507 were killed in those massacres including 141 children and 68 women. The percentage of children and women victims of the total number of victims is 41.2% which is a considerably high percentage that indicates that civilian residents were deliberately targeted in those massacres.
The distribution of these massacres by victims was as follows:
Government forces killed 438 victims including 128 children and 67 women.
Daesh killed 49 victims including one woman.
Armed opposition groups killed nine children
Unidentified groups killed 11 victims including six children