The International Community is responsible for Steven Sotloff’s blood

forcibly-disappearedOn 19 August, 2014 Human Rights and media activists in Syria and around the world were devastated by the video that was published by the Islamic State entitled: “A message to America”. The video shows the brave American journalist James Folly giving a very touching speech before he was slaughtered by an IS fighter using a sharp tool. In the same video, IS threatened to execute the American journalist Steven Sofloff.
On 2 September, IS published another video entitled: “A second message to America” which shows the American journalist Steven Sotloff being slaughtered by a IS fighter. Also, IS threatened to execute the British David Heinz.
These videos, if authenticated, are just another barbarian actions to be added to a long string of crimes perpetrated by IS. These crimes can be classified as war crimes.

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