In August 2014: 22 medics killed including 10 doctors and a pharmacist

SNHR documented the killing of 22 medics in August 2014 as follows:
A. The Syrian regime and its militias: 21 medics divided as follows:
– Nine doctors (including one doctor who died under torture. It is confirmed that the Syrian regime tortures doctors more than other prisoners).
– One pharmacist
– 11 medical team members (including two medics who were tortured to death in addition to a child and a woman)
B. The Islamic State: one female dentist

A. The Syrian regime
1- Mohammad Reda Al-Flietai, volunteer for the Red Ceresecent in Doma, he worked as an administrator at the disaster management committee, from Damascus countryside – Doma, 15-year-old. He was killed on 3 August, 2014 by an airstrike while he was working with the Red Crescent team to aid some wounded who were hit by a previous airstrike that targeted a civilian gathering in the city.