First year anniversary of Ghouta chemical attack

arresting policyBefore the massacre
The Syrian regime used gases likely to be poison 28 times. The first one of which were on 23 December, 2012 where Al-Bayyada neighborhood were targeted while the last time were on 21 July, 2013 where Al-Yarmouk camp in Southern Damascus were targeted. In total, 83 people were killed and 1272 others were injured by these attacks. Please see several previous reports and studies published by SNHR detailing these attacks.
Ghouta massacre
Approximately at 3:00 in the morning when the weather is as cold as it gets in order to kill as many people as possible, government forces have shelled several location in Eastern & Western Ghoutas with missiles that carried sarin as it was proven by the UN’s investigations. These attacks killed 1127 at least; more than 40% of whom were women and children in addition to about 9500 injuries.