Views from the heart of hell

The Testimony of the Syrian Red Crescent Activist who survived the Syrian Regime Detention Centers


First: introduction
From the arresting at the checkpoint through passing several security branches and prisons until the release. As part of documenting violations taking place inside the Syrian regime detention centers, SNHR met Mrs. Sa’ha the Syrian Red Crescent activist who survived torture and arrest. We got her approval to publish her testimony:
Personal information of the detainee:
Name: Sa’ha Barodi
Governorate: Hama
Date and Place of birth: Hama- 1970.
Occupation: a volunteer for the Red Crescent and the committee of social care in Hama.
Social status: married and has two children.
The date of arrest: 2 April 2014
The date of release: 28 June 2014
Second: testimony’s details
First: at the security checkpoint:
On Wednesday 2 April, I decided to travel to Lebanon with my husband, I went to Garages area that is located in Tripoli neighborhood in Hama city. I was stopped by a checkpoint affiliated to the military security in that area and an officer asked for my ID, when I gave him the ID, he told me that I am wanted for a brief matter and it will end in a minute of interrogation (a question and an answer). I got out of the car and entered the checkpoint with them. When I got inside the checkpoint they beat me and cursed me. They had my clothes and purse thoroughly inspected, and cursed me with bad words. They fettered my hands behind my back. After half an hour of threats and curses, they put me in a bus affiliated to Al Shabiha and took me to the Military Security Branch in Hama.
Second: in the Military Security Branch:
As I arrived to the Military Security Branch they cursed me with bad words. They inspected me another time with my hands behind my back. After the inspection, they took me to the solitary confinement that is in the lower storey. It contains a toilet of 1.5 meter, I stayed there until the next day.
On the next day 3 April the investigator brought me for interrogation, they fettered my hands and blindfolded me. When I entered the investigation room the investigator started the interrogation which was simultaneously with beating and kicking me with his shoe. He asked me, in particular, about my volunteering activity in the Red Crescent and the social care. I didn’t have anything against law but they tried to get information about my help to the armed opposition through the Red Crescent, and supporting the armed opposition elements’ families. My negative answers didn’t satisfy him, so he beat me again.

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