Israel and the International Humanitarian Law!

IsraelWhen an Israeli officer, journalist, or commentator appears in the media, the question is usually this: Why are you bombing and killing the people in Gaza Strip? On the other hand, the answer used firmly is that it’s Hamas’s, the terrorist organization, fault as it is using civilians as human shields. We heard this justification even to justify the bombing of UN-affiliated premises and centers, or protected locations such as hospitals, schools, mosques, and churches. This justification, being used constituently by Israel’s media apparatus, has become an indisputable fact for a wide segment of the western public opinion specifically in light of a severe lack of an appropriate rebuttal especially in the English media platforms. And even if the question was asked again, the answer would be that the military necessity predetermines this.
This is also used as an answer for targeting the homes of the resistance’s political leaders where all the Israeli officers and media figures repeat that those are legitimate goals which also became an undeniable fact for a wide segment of the western and Arabic society for that matter.
Finally, there is a strange fascination about Israel alerting residents before bombing and an Israel pride about this fact which can be noticed in all the report Israel issues after any war.
The nature of conflict between Israel and Hamas is regulated by the Customary International Humanitarian Law which considered binding upon all parties. Furthermore, Article 3 of the four 1949 Geneva Conventions and the laws of the 1949 fourth Geneva Conventions regarding occupied territories apply as well.