There Is No Red Line

chemical weaponsThe Syrian government has signed on 14 September, 2013 the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty. On 28 September, 2013 the Resolution 2118 was issued which included 21 articles that provided that the UN Security Council is to intervene in accordance with the 7th chapter if the Syrian government perpetuated any violations.
We, In SNHR, affirm that the Syrian government had violated Resolution 2118 with no less than 27 times exploiting the weakness of the International Community reaction and relying on the Russian and Chinese support within the UN Security Council. The Syrian regime targeted with poison gases 11 areas in Syria within three governorates: Damascus Countryside, Hama, and Idlib.

Half of these attacks was in Hama countryside in which four areas has been targeted: Kafarzita city, Al-Latamneh city, Atshan village, and Qasr Ben Wardan village.
Kafarzita city, located in Hama countryside, was targeted the most with barrel bombs that carried poison gases as it was attacked 10 times from Friday 11 April, 2014 to 17 July, 2014.
These attacks, as documented by SNHR, caused the death of 35 people including eight children and four ladies and no less than 920 injuries.

Fadel Abdulghany, Head of SNHR, says:
“It’s true that most of the attacks that have been carried out after the issuance of UN Security Council Resolution 2118 involved the use of chlorine instead of sarin, which is less effective than sarin, but the main aim of using such weapons is to scare the people, which was achieved widely in all the attacks.”

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