Most Prominent Victims of Torture in July 2014

Victims of TortureFirst: Introduction
With the end of July, 5047 victims have died under torture, including 94 children and 32 women, since the beginning of the Syrian revolution.
“Torture prohibition has become a critical international criteria. It’s considered one of the most important laws.”
International Criminal Court
“Torture prohibition has become now one of the most important International criteria. Furthermore, it was adopted under the hope of never to be resorted to. Thus, it’s a message directed to the International Community members and everybody in power: torture prohibition is an absolute value that shouldn’t be disregarded by anybody.”
According to a ICTY’s Resolution
Second: Executive Summary
Government forces have tortured to death, in its formal and informal detention centers, no less than 155 persons in the month of July 2014. This continuous acts since 2011 a clear evidence of the use of excessive power and violent methodology adopted by government forces against prisoners.