The Most Significant Violations against Media Activists in July 2014

Media ActivistsViolations against media activists in July are divided as follows:
1- Killing: SNHR documented the killing of 13 media activists as follows:
Government forces killed eight media activists including two media activists who died under torture.
Extremist groups: three media activists have been killed by the Islamic State (IS).
Unidentified groups: Two media activists have been killed by unidentified groups.
2- Kidnapping and Arresting: we recorded] five kidnapping and arresting cases as follows:
The Syrian regime didn’t arrest any media activists in July according to our documentation team while five media activists were kidnapped; four by Asayiş forces affiliated to PYD, and one by National Defense Forces affiliated to the government forces.
The Syrian regime has released two media activists while IS released one.
3- Injuries: Six media activist were injured in July by government forces.