The Syrian Refugees at the Jordanian Borders

RefugiesAr-Rwayshed border crossing is considered an unofficial crossing and it was named after the same name of the border city of Ar-Rwayshed in Jordan and located in a desert area away of cities and services which is an extension of Al-Lujah desert and As-Swaydah governorate in South Syria.
SNHR team talked with survivors who entered the Jordanian Kingdom via Ar-Rwayshed crossing and talked about the suffering. Thousands are still waiting under high temperatures that reach sometimes 45 C.
No day passes without documenting no less than ten barrel bombs in different areas in Daraa governorate; these indiscriminate bombs, thrown from high levels that reach five thousands meter sometimes, result in death and homes destruction where at least one-fourth of the houses in Daraa re destroyed partially or completely. This barbarian indiscriminate shelling is the reason behind the continuous increase in the numbers of refugees and IDPs.
Fadel Abdulghany, Head of SNHR, says:
“The International Community, represented by UN Security Council, should solve the problem radically, not only by delivering aids to refugees and IDPs. This crisis should end and not be managed. Protecting civilians from killing and displacing can be achieved by ending the barrel bombs and missiles shelling. This is the Security Council duty and only it can do this. However, the Security Council is either incapable of solving the crisis or unwilling to do so. The humanitarian crisis in Syria is only getting bigger with increasing medication, food, shelter, and education shortages.