The Deaths of 100 Victims in Aleppo in Conjunction with an inflammatory ‘Fatwa’


Government forces has escalated their attacks on Aleppo since Friday, April 10, 2015, in conjunction with a statement through government TV from government forces ‘Mufti’ Ahmad Hassoun where he pressed the need to “annihilate” the “areas out of the government forces’ control” and this is a direct incitation, and is considered a deliberate crime to kill several millions of Syrian citizens and before the government authorities ‘Mufti’ there was other governmental politicians and military personnel stating similar statements, that reached using nuclear weapon if possible.
The facts have proved through four years that the ruling authorities doesn’t need any justification or ‘Fatwa’ as they have not stooped the killing and torturing and other crimes for one day, as they don’t care about any legal, moral, or international boundary.
In 5 days government forces have shelled more than 43 barrel bombs and about 12 interstitial missiles.
Also government air forces raided 46 times targeting many vital centers, such as Saad Al-Ansari School, Abdul Rahman Al-Ghafiqi School, Sukar Mosque in Bustan Al-Qaser and grocery market in Ma’adi, plus government forces targeting residential neighborhoods like Salah Al-Din, Al-Mashhad, Al-Ma’adi, Al-Shaar, and Bustan Al-Qaser.
Saturday, April 11, 2015 government forces helicopters dropped a barrel bomb on a local market in Ma’adi, killing 23 victims including a child an injuring 15 others
Sunday, April 12, 2015, government warplanes fired an interstitial missile targeting Saad Al-Ansari Schools complex in Al-Mashhad neighborhood, killing 11 individuals including 4 women all teachers and a child.

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