The Presidential amnesty in Syria 694 were released out of 215,000 prisoners

detaineesA- 31 were released from Adra prison; 19 of whom were released but weren’t included in the presidential amnesty as they were released upon a settlement between the Syrian regime and Adra Al-Umalliya residents. The Syrian regime tried to exaggerate the amnesty by releasing these 19 women along with the women that were released in accordance with the amnesty. This suggest that the presidential amnesty only included 12 women.
B- Six woman prisoners were released as a part of a dark comedy
where they were arrested a few days before the amnesty.
It should be noted that there are still tens of women prisoners inside Adra prison as well as Homs Central Prison where the prisoners are being tortured more brutally than Adra. This amnesty didn’t include any women prisoners from Homs Central prison.

Released civilian prisoners :
We documented that 632 prisoners were released including 384 prisoners who were arrested based on criminal charges which implies that they absolutely weren’t involved in any revolutionary, aiding, or Human Rights activities, while the other 248 released prisoners (45%) who, were prominent prisoners including Human Rights activists, lawyers, and doctors, weren’t included in the amnesty as 200 of them were released through the terrorism court while the other 48 were released by security branches after they were arrested in a dark comedy as the Syrian authorities arrested them a few days before the presidential amnesty.