Medic victims in June 2014

MediaSummary :
SNHR documented the killing of 19 medics in June as follows:
Government forces: killed 18 medics including five doctors; two of whom died under torture inside the prisons of the Syrian regime. In addition to two pharmacist; one of whom is woman and 11 health workers including two women.
Armed groups: one doctor was killed by an unidentified armed group.

Introduction :
With the Syrian revolution going into its fourth year, medics are still falling in the Syrian conflict. However, the Syrian government is the main responsible for the most part of the violations that target medics in quantity and quality as it is still targeting hospitals, health centers, pharmacies, and ambulances in the rebels-held areas in addition to targeting medics by directly killing, torturing to death, arresting, kidnapping, or harassing them under the pretext of providing medical services to people and factions that oppose the Syrian government.