The Presidential Decree is Meaningless

Meaningless109 cases of arrest including seven women were documented within a week of the decree
After a general amnesty decree was issued by Bashar Al-Assad upon winning the presidential elections, government forces have arbitrary arrested many residents mainly in Aleppo, then Hama, then Homs and Damascus. Most of the arrests were indiscriminate and included people who were granted amnesty by the decree. The arrests also targeted many youngsters to, seemingly, forcibly recruit them in order to cover the acute shortage of personnel in light of the escaping and defections acts despite the fact that the arrests included horribly seven women.
SNHR documented 109 arresting case including seven women in more than 22 different areas within a week of the decree as follows:
Aleppo: 36 men and two women
Hama: 24 men and four women
Homs: 22 men
Damascus: 20 men and one woman
These cases are what we managed to document in light of being pursued and banned. There are certainly more cases even if there were kidnappings which is very difficult to identify its perpetrators.

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