The Syrian Refugees and World Refugee Day

Refugees Introduction :
In 2001, the United Nations General Assembly decided that 20 June would be celebrated as World Refugee Day. On this day the sufferings of the refugees around the world is highlighted as a way to raise more awareness about this issue and in order to provide more support and care for them. Syria has become today, due to the daily shelling with deadly and destructive ballistic missiles and barrel bombs in addition to the sexual abuse that the Syrian regime uses widely as a weapon of war, the world’s largest exporter of refugees. Therefore, we are going to shed light on the most notable difficulties that Syrian refuges are facing.
The number of Syrian refugees is no less than 3.96 million according to SNHR’s latest updates; more than 50% are children, 35% women, and 15% men.
Many Syrian refugees have not been registered by UNHCR so they are not included in their numbers. This is because a lot of the Syrian refugees have escaped through illegal means out of fear that other countries will not take them in, there also others who are living with their relatives.