The Syrian Regime Violated Resolution 2118


The Syrian government has signed the CWC on 14 September, 2013. On 28 September, 2013, the Security Council passed Resolution 2118 which includes in paragraph 21 a clause states that the Security Council is to intervene in Syria, in accordance with chapter IV, if the Syrian government violates the convention.

Since the beginning of 2014, the Syrian government used poison gases 26 times in 10 areas; in Hama countryside alone, more than three areas have been shelled with barrel bombs that carried poison gases: Kafrzyta city and Atshan and Qasr Ben Wardan villages.

Kafrzyta, located in Hama countryside, was shelled with chlorine gas nine times from 11 April, 2014 until 22 May, 2014. On Thursday 22 May, 2014, Kafrzyta, Atshan and At-Taman’a villages were all shelled with more than four barrel bombs that contained poison gas.

35 people were killed in those attacks including eight children and four ladies. 825 others were injured.