The Syrian government has killed about 15,000 since signing the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty

A man cries at a site hit on Friday by what activists said was a Scud missile in Aleppo's Ard al-Hamra neighbourhood

Bashar Al-Asad government hasn’t stopped the shelling against the Syrian governorates for even a day using various traditional weapons such as heavy artillery, mortar shells, rocket-shelling either through using rocket launchers or helicopters and warplanes, and indiscriminate barrel bombs. In many occasions, it has used internationally-prohibited weapons against residential areas such as cluster munition. All this deliberate and indiscriminate shelling caused the death of 15147 people since 12 September, 2013 when the Syrian government joined CWC treaty until the day of this statement.

Although the Syrian government has signed the treaty, it has used gases that are likely to be poison 17 times at least in 2014 against 8 different areas in Syria, in addition to the use of chlorine-carrying barrel bombs in four areas: Kafar-Zeeta, Telmennes, At-Tamana’a, and A’atshan.

These attacks killed 29 people including four children and three women (Less than two-thousandth have been killed by chemical weapons), which suggests that 15118 people have been killed using traditional weapons including 2506 children and 2012 women to a percentage of 30% of the total victims, according to SNHR documenting team.

Furthermore, torturing to death has continued side to side with the aerial strike where 1183 have died under torture during the same period.

The international community has failed catastrophically to protect the civilians in Syria and has not learned from his previous mistakes in the former Republic of Yugoslavia, although it has intervened quickly in the Republic of Central Africa at the end of 2013 after the falling of a small amount of victims compared to the daily bloodbath in Syria. This double standards policy by the UN is costing the Syrian people their blood and their country.