The International Community Must Save Aleppo


The government forces started its barbarian military campaign against Aleppo city on 23 November, 2013 after it destroyed and displaced most of the residents of Aleppo countryside cities and towns. Shelling using barrel bombs, thermobaric bombs, and even internationally-prohibited cluster munitions has been targetingmany residential neighborhoods within the city since then, according to a previous SNHR’s report.

After about three months, on 22 February, 2014, The UN Security Council passed the Resolution 2139 that was to allow the humanitarian aids to enter the city and to stop the indiscriminate shelling specifically referring to the barrel bombs shelling. However, this resolution, which was adopted unanimously, was under Chapter VI, thus, the Syrian government disregarded it. According to our team, the rate of the indiscriminate shelling hasn’t changed after the passing of the resolution.

From 23 November, 2013 until 26 April, 2014, there have been 1940 barrel bombs dropped on Aleppo city alone which killed 2508 people including only 19 rebels (less than 1%) whom, we believe, were killed by accident. On the other hand 2489 civilians have been killed including 635 children and 292 women (the percentage of the children and women victims is 38% of the total number of victims). This clearly indicates that civilians are being deliberately targeted. Furthermore, the indiscriminate shelling destroyed approximately one-third of the city either completely or partially, this made more than 220,000 people either refugees or IDEs during this period of time.

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