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Barrel Bombs Terrorize Different Syrian Governorates despite Recent Security Council Resolutions

My Teacher

Aleppo has been targeted for the last two months with barrel bombs. These attacks killed 2100 victims; 90% of them were civilians in light of a blatant international futility in stopping this destructive indiscriminate weapon, which has a low cost compared to missiles. This incited the government forces to expand the scope of the barrel bombs attacks to reach other governorates such as the attacks against Dariyya in Damascus suburb, which SNHR has issued a report about. Also the barrel bombs targeted other areas and towns in Daraa governorate as Tafas city was targeted on February, 12, 2014 with a barrel bomb that killed 13 victims; eight of them were from one family according to a previous report issued by SNHR.
This report documents the attacks that targeted other towns in Daraa governorate; namely Tsyl and Al-Mzarieb.
The methodology of this report is based on the investigation conducted by the team of SNHR with activists and eyewitnesses from Daraa governorate. This report contains eyewitnesses and survivors’ testimonies in addition to the news and pictures that we received through cooperating activists from Daraa as we couldn’t visit and examine the sites that were targeted. Please note that the names of the activists and eyewitnesses were changed as upon their request.
First: Tsyl town
Tsyl town was targeted with a barrel bomb shelling by the Syrian regime warplanes where 2 barrel bombs were dropped on a market in the town.
Activists Aboud from Tsyl talked to SNHR about the incident as he was there when the incident took place:
(You can contact Aboud on his Skype account: abo.wael19)
“At around 10:00 in the morning I was in the market, which is near a primary and secondary schools area, when I heard the sound of helicoptors followed by the sound of a huge explosion, I lied on the ground, after few minutes I heard the sound of another explosion that was greater than the one before, a part of the store roof where I was has fallen, people started screaming as they were trying to escape.
Body parts were everywhere, arms and legs scattered all over the place.
It’s safe to say that there were more than 20 stores and 10 houses that were heavily damaged in the area where the shelling was”

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