Missiles of the Government Forces Know No Children

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On Friday, February 21, 2014 the village of Um Arrish was shelled with a missile from a government military jet. The incident caused the killing of 5 children. The total number of the children killed by the government forces exceeds 13270 documented by names, pictures and the way of killing.

SNHR talked to Abu Ali, an activist from Um Arrish, who said:

 “Barisha is a very small village in Jisr Ash Shugur. Revolutionary activism is very little here and there are no members of the Free Syrian Army. At about 10 AM we heard the sound of a military jet, and then we heard the sound of an explosion caused by a missile from the jet. During our work to evacuate the injured, Al Ma’asara checkpoint on the Aleppo-Latakia highway targeted us with more rockets. 

All the martyrs were children. 7 were injured. Until now we wonder what the reason behind targeting such a small village is.”    

Abu Yazan, one of the youths who took part in evacuating the injured talked to SNHR about what has he seen:

“In the morning, at about 10 AM, one house in the village of Barisha was shelled with a missile from a MiG aircraft. Five children, between the age of 2 and 14, were killed. The head of two years old female child was lost. After the jet’s missile, rockets continued to target us while we were trying to evacuate the injured who were about 10 in number. The small village doesn’t contain members of the Free Syrian Army and we don’t know the reason for targeting this particular house and the children. What is the danger those children put on the regime army?”

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