Episodes and Pains in International Women’s Day

hospital-bait-sahemThe Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) issued many studies supported with facts, personal accounts, and data about the violations against the Syrian women since the beginning of the people’s uprising. SNHR also published many statements and reports about the arrested and abducted women (for more details check the webpage of SNHR). Syrian women have made heroic efforts in different fields. In this report, and the previous ones, we could only shed light on a very small part of their standing suffering.

In the UN Women’s Day, which comes on March 8 every year, we reaffirm things that became reality so that they might resonate in the ears of decision makers in order to stop the bleeding of the Syrian women.

The number of women victims killed by the government forces in Syria is more than 12813; which means that Syria loses 12 women every day. Whereas, Al Qaeda affiliated groups killed 42 women, while groups of the armed opposition killed 25 women.

All this is happening despite the Security Council resolution 1325 (2011) which states that all countries fully  implement the articles of the International Human Law and the International Human Rights Law which are related to the protection of women and girls and take all the necessary measures to protect them against violence committed on sexual bases during armed conflicts.

The UN Security Council established lately the ongoing relationship between keeping the international peace and security and violence against women, especially sexual violence. This came through adopting resolution 2122 (2013). The question here is how it comes that while rejecting to implement the resolutions of the Security Council; that the Syrian government will take any consideration for the International Human Law?

Syria has also endorsed the international agreement to put an end to all forms of discrimination against women since the year 2003, but it showed at that time some reservations about some articles of the agreement. Despite those reservations, Syria is internationally abided to “investigate, stop, take to the law and punish” those who commit violence against women.