Major violations of media freedom in Syria January 2014

Major violationsDespite the acquisition of the Syrian regime for decades on lion’s share of the amount and type of violence and crimes against media activists, clearly since the beginning of the anti-government people’s movement in 2011 from killing, arrest, intimidation and continuous systematic exclusion, and many other prohibited violations, but ISIL entered as strong competent to the Syrian regime in the field of media repression and restrictions.
ISIL could in this month overcame Syrian regime in the size and quality of the violations committed against the media, especially in ISIL-controlled Raqqa governorate where most of media activists left out of fear for their lives, the rest preferred to stay in silence without work, or tow work secretly,, as it seems that even just transfer facts of attacks that undertaken by government troops on those areas are prohibited, as what happened in Al-Bab City, which was shelled frequent by Government warplanes by barrel bombs and led to kill dozens of civilians. it was very difficult to communicate with residents or activists apart from the impossibility of any SNHR member to attend to area under ISIL- control, this approach applies perfectly with the Syrian regime’s approach.
Although armed rebels could release media and civilian activists, but the fate of many of them still unknown ( Moaed Sallom, Abdulwahab Mulla, Sky news team, Samar Alsaleh, and many others ).
SNHR researcher Huda Alali says: ” That when we watch the accumulation of significant violations in different type and extent against field media activists, noted that nowadays the Syrian media’s field is experiencing a huge gap resulted of losing much of media activists either by killing or detention, and this will lead to serious consequences, including blur reality and events, gagged and preventing word and truth ”
SNHR reaffirmed its condemnation of the continuous violations against media freedom and convey the truth of any party and whatever type or size disparity.
As the network seeks actively from all parties, to respect media freedom and to ensure the safety of media activists, with accounting involved in violations against journalists and media activists.
SNHR also emphasis the need to move hard and fast by security council to issue resolutions oblige all the parties to allow free media coverage.