Government Forces continue targeting hospitals in Syria

hospital-bait-sahemTestimony of Sham: doctor in the assembly, he talked to SNHR:
” Usually at 4:30 pm my shift in one of the near hospital of Bait Saham, I heard the sound of explosion and went to the medical assembly, shelling was by barrel bombs, the destruction was very huge, all the medical assembly sections are almost entirely destroyed: laboratory, clinics, ambulance, recovery, Obstetrics and Gynecology”
” shelling the medical assembly is a real disaster for the people in that area, where that assembly covers the medical needs of Bait Saham town in addition to displaced people from Hujaira, Boida, Sbina, and even part of Yald and Babila town, shelling led to two injuries of medical staff, but thanks God they were mild injuries”