Document shelling Raes mosque in Waar neighborhood of Homs by government forces

Waar neighborhood

AlWaar neighbohood is located almost 7 km away from Homs city centre, it has more than 400,000 displaced people from the other destroyed nieghborhoods of Homs, government forces imposed besiege on AlWaar since 10/10/2013
The methodology of this report based on the investigations conducted by SNHR’s team in the city of Homs with number of residents and activists.
It contains the testimonies of an eyewitness from the residents documented in the report, in addition to news and pictures from cooperative activists inside the city.

The incident’s details
Friday 22/12/2013, almost at 12:20 pm, Alraes mosque ( known as Omari mosque) in Alwaar neighborhood shelled by tank located in Alwaar fields, it targeted the mosque Minbar ( platform ) and led to kill the Imam Sheikh Safwan Masharqa, and the young man Husam Almasri, in addition to at least 7 injures.

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