Syrian Government cut off internet and telecommunications throughout all Syrian governorates

Syrian Government cut off internet

    The Syrian Government has shut down the Internet and telecommunications across the country
Syrian authorities have cut off the Internet in two phases:
1-    The first phase was about 3 pm (Damascus time) where Google revealed Traffic capture appeared significant decrease in the use of the Internet resources to below half in Syria
2-    Phase 2: after about half an hour approximately 3.30 pm, where the use of the Internet became zero.
This is a clear indication that cutting off the Internet is deliberating and intended by the Syrian authorities and it is not the first time that cut the communications and the Internet in order to withhold violations and massacres committed by the government forces
Syrian Government not only preventing the media (except the supporters of their point of view) and human rights organizations around the world, in flagrant violation of freedom of expression and information transfer and document events and violations.
We assure our inability to fully communicate with a number of activist who don’t possess satellite Internet in the capital Damascus and countryside, Homs, Hama, Der’a and other governorates.
SNHR afraid that Syrian Government deliberate this procedure in order to carry out ethnic cleansing ,massacres , bombing and large-scale mass graves especially after Banyas massacre that shocked the whole world and proved to the international community that this regime is not Deterrent and acting brutally as in medieval
The international community must send a strong and clear message to the Syrian Governments and take action to protect civilians in Syria and protect their right to photography and documentation of human rights violations.