Detainees and forcibly disappeared journalists… Syria is the most dangerous place in the world


First: Murder
A: Syrian government:
Syrian government has killed no less than 261 including journalists, media activists, and cameramen, from the beginning of popular uprising until October 2013.
22 media personnel were killed in the last month, they were distributed as follows:
21 were killed by regime forces including one child in addition to two journalist died due torture.
While ISIS was suspected to be the assassinator of the martyr (the correspondent of Al Arabiya Mohammad Sa’eid Al Khateeb)
B: anti- government armed groups:
Anti- government armed groups with all its forms as the forces of Free Army and other entities such as ISIS and Al Nusra Front killed no less than 14 media personal including correspondents and activists:
The death of Al Ikhbariyeh Al Soriyeh channel correspondent, Yara Abbas on 27/5/2012 due to Free Army targeting the military car which carried her in the vicinity of Al Qsair city in Homs.


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