Most prominent Prisoners of opinion and political activists

political activists1) Faik Almir
Political activist, born in 1954, he is leader in Syrian democratic people’s party, headed by Riyad al-Turk.
He was arrested from his house in Damascus Monday 7/10/2013.
2) Dr. Omar Mohamed Mamoun Arnous (dentist)
Human rights activist of Syrian Network for Human Rights and relief activist, Professor at Damascus university and another private university, Master degree in dentistry, was preparing for PHD, was born in Damascus 16/5/1979, his father Manoun, his mother Maria.
Security forces raided his house at Dummar neighborhood in 7/10/2012, arrested him with his wife Maria and two years and half son, without any warrant.
3) Lawyer Khalil Marai Matouk
Lawyer and one of the most prominent Human Right’s defender, president of the Syrian Center for the Defense of prisoners of conscience in Syria, the executive director the Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research and active in defending prisoner cases, he was arrested with his friend Mohammad Zaza while driving from his home in Sahnaya to his office in Damascus on 2/10/2012.
He undergoes to intensive and accurate treatment because he is suffering for lung disorder led to the disruption of 60% of them, he recently return from thereby outside Syria, just few days before arrested.