Landmine explosion

Landmine explosionThe incident took place on the evening of the first day of Eid al-Adha which was on Tuesday, 15.10.2013. An agricultural vehicle was transporting a number of civilians in an area known as “Tal Al-Jumou” (Small hill/hump of land named Al-Jumou) in the boundaries of Nawa. The vehicle was destroyed as a result of a landmine which was planted in that area by governmental forces along with dozens of other mines in an attempt to prevent the armed opposition forces from advancing. Government forces then began to intentionally bombard the National Hospital in Nawa shortly after the wounded from the Jumou land mine explosion started to arrive, a number of which were in critical condition. It is worth mentioning that this hospital is suffering from a severe shortage in medical supplies due to the blockade imposed by the government forces which has now entered its third month respectively.