Besieging neighborhoods in Damascus

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Many governments, high level UN’s officials, and Human Rights Organizations including Syrian Network for Human Rights called Syrian Government to grant access to the humanitarian aid to Qusair city during fighting in May and June, but security council didn’t issue any statement because of Russian obstructionism.

Later Russia has hindered statement form security council about Homs, where government imposed besiege on opposition-controlled areas.

Syrian Government has rejected international calls to evacuate the civilians, and refused to grant access to independent observers were able to facilitate evacuation operations.

June 2,2013 , Syrian Foriegn Minister WalidAlmoaalem said that Syria will not grant the International Committee of the Red Cross access only after the end of frightening.

Syrian Government has not get enough with this work that indicate to a systematic assault on the right of the patient and the wounded, but even security forces and army continued this ring on the ground and imposed a besiege on the patient themselves, in spite of all relative international laws about wounded and patient that should for all parties to take into account.

We don’t have to point out in this report about the systematic aggressive method followed by Syrian Government inside governmental hospitals which turned lot of them to security centers and places of torturing patients, and in some cases execute them, we will not talk about doctors that Government troops killed and arrested, we will deal with this issues later in other reports, but we would like to notify that we have statistics with name figure out the kill of at least 92 physicians with different specializations and the arrest of at least 750 physician, still in prisons to the time we make this report, not to mention that at least 52 paramedics including 23 for Syrian Red Crescent, and the arrest of 17 other from SRC.

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