Violations committed against Syria women since the beginning of Syrian Revolution

ViolationsSyrian women participated since the first moments of the beginning of Syrian Revolution, she was demonstrator, media activists, paramedic, and many other things, due to suffered from various kinds of violations: killing, rape, displacement, torture, and the impact was turning the conflict in Syria into non-international armed conflict and increased frequency of violations against women in Syria.
According to custom, tradition, culture and religion: the woman consider the honor in society, and destruction of her physical integrity is one of the means of the defeating the other side, making her more vulnerable to direct harm like harassment, rape, forced prostitution.
Syrian woman endure a significant burden of violations , on one hand and as all the Syrian people she shared men and Syrian all kind of violations made by government troops , and in the other hand she also borne the pain of losing the man stand by her; when her husband and the father of her children get killed , arrested , or disappeared , She also endured the pain of losing her own kids , Not to mention that all the Syrian women without discrimination suffered from the crimes of torture , rape , abduction by government troops