Syrian regime shelled again the capital Damascus with chemical weapons

017082696_300Last report issued by SNHR about using chemical weapon by Syrian regime in 5/8/2013, we documented 28 attacks led to 83 victims, and almost 1271 injuries.

Syrian Network for Human Rights had sent the report to large number of human rights, media, and political bodies around the world, including chemical weapons inquiry mission led by Dr. AkeSellstrom.

Today Syrian regime targeted a new area and added a new incident of total 30 timescases that Syrian regime used poisonous gases in 5 Syrian governorates.

1 am after midnight, Government forces shelled Bolman square in Jobar neighborhood (it is almost 300 meters far away from Alabasine square located in the central of the capital Damascus) wiht poisonous gases with limited effect, it cause 9 cases of suffocation , without any death case, all injured transferred to medical points.

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