Zaatari camp, the second largest refugee camp in the world Indicators and figures


Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, located 12 km south of Syrian-Jordan borders, extends over a distance of 8km, on dry desert land.
Among almost 670.000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, at least 170.000 of them live in Al-Zaatari camp, including more than 75.000 women and at least 45.000 children, they live in temporary tents and caravans (mobile Homs)
The vast majority of the camp’s residents are form Daraa governorate, then Damascus countryside and Homs.
SNHR estimates number of wounded and handicapped inside the camp with almost 1200 people.

Camp suffers from several difficulties, most notable:
First: the desert nature and high temperatures caused spread of rodents’ heavily which lead to deploy diseases inside the camp.
Second: The toilets and bathrooms are few in number and too far.
Third: careless of water cleanliness and this led to a wide spread of hepatitis among children, women and men.
Fourth: the camp suffers from a lack of medical care due to lack of doctors and lack of availability of all types of medicines in hospitals inside the camp.
Fifth: poor management, regulation and supervision which leads to the spread of thefts, violations and crimes (theft of electricity, water and so on).