Sectarian Cleansing Massacres


With the support, and occasional involvement of Security and army forces, Shabiha perpetrated no less than 22 sectarian-cleansing massacres against neighboring areas. Most of the victims died by slaughter and fire, while other died under the shelling. SNHR has documented the killing of 1,549 Syrian citizens, including 254 children and 212 women, in those massacres.
Homs governorate: 11 massacres in which 600 citizens were killed, including 132 children and 117 women
Hama governorate: 6 massacres in which 165 citizens were killed, including 15 children and 12 women
Homs governorate: 3 massacres in which 473 citizens were killed, including 98 children and75 women
Homs governorate: 2 massacres in which 311 citizens were killed, including 9 children and 8 women

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