Report on violations against activists and people of Amouda city by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party


The documenting of the incident:
In the early hours of Monday, June 17, 2013 at around 03: 30 AM, approximately 125 to 150 gunmen affiliated with the Democratic Union Party stormed Amouda city, cordoning off the city, closing its entrances and exits, and setting up checkpoints at which they demanded that those passing through produce identity cards and documents.
After that, they launched a campaign of arrests, specifically targeting three political activists, namely:
1- Ahmad Najjari, known as Serbest Najjari (a member of the Amouda Coordination), who was arrested at the eastern entrance of the city.
2- Dersem Omar, a member of the Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria, who was arrested at his workplace driving a combine harvester.
3- Walat al Omari, a singer at demonstrations, was arrested in his home.
After carrying out the arrests, the forces withdrew from the city, taking the detainees to al Qameshli city prison, which is controlled by the Democratic Union Party.
The town’s activists responded to this abusive behavior and these detentions by carrying out a sit-in condemning the Democratic Union Party’s abusive practices, as well as holding other demonstrations condemning the arrests and the Democratic Union Party’s unjust policies.
On Wednesday, June 19, 2013, a number of activists announced an open-ended hunger strike to condemn the arrest of their colleagues by the Democratic Union Party forces, with the number of hunger strikers increasing to about 20, including three women.

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