Bring back our mother Mariam, a documented report on the abduction of Mrs Majida Adnan Mahmoud


On 19 May a patrol of the Syrian Air force in civilian and military outfits stormed a photocopy center in Ibn Seana Street in Jableh city (Al Nano’a shop for photocopy), four medium-sized men took Mrs. Majida Mahmoud who have been working there for more than two years. Then put her in their car and took her to an unknown place. There was no female member with that patrol. Mrs. Majida wasn’t seen after that time according to (Q.N) the eyewitness of the incident.
Majida Adnan Mahmoud, born on 14 November 1977 in Jableh city in Latakia governorate, lives in Al Fayd neighborhood and has two children by a former marriage. Her kids live with her mother Mrs. Safa (a boy Ali Tarifi 12 years old and a girl Nour Tarifi 10 years old). Government forces hasn’t allowed any kind of contact with the missing woman for over month and they did not allow her to hire a lawyer to handle her case and insure her rights. Furthermore, there weren’t any charges.
However, former female detainees, who were released, met her in the prison and assured that she was arrested for contacting her relative Abdulhadi Mahmoud who is the most important wanted man in Jableh city as the regime believes he was involved in organizing protests and one of the main activists. It should be noted that Air Force Intelligence had arrested her brother Osama Adnan Mahmoud in November 2011 and was released after two months in which he was subjected to various kinds of torture.


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