Documentation of the City of Yabroud Massacre in Rif Dimashq


Yabroud city is located 80km to the north of the capital Damascus in Al Qalmoun Mountains with a population of almost 80,000
Testimony of an eyewitness that was in the area when the shelling happened called Abu Mohammad Al Yabroudi who still alive and communication is available on his Skype account: brave.heart1234567
“Around 3 in the afternoon the concentrated artillery and missile launchers shelling started on civil neighborhoods, also a Mig aircraft shelled as well, all of that was for over two and a half hours with Toshka missiles and SSM missiles for the first time.
The heaviest shelling was on the industrial area with 3 raids one of them was with 6 missiles held by parachutes
And a raid on Al Salehiyeh neighborhood on the children park with 2 interstitial bombs and a raid on Al Qame’iyeh neighborhood. After that the shelling was mostly artillery and missile launchers for over an hour and a half on the industrial area.

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