Comprehensive Report on Syrian Regime Use of Chemical Weapons by SNHR Team

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Syrian Network for Human Rights’ team conducted separate investigation for each case of using chemical weapons by Syrian Armed Forces inside Syrian territories.
The team encountered great difficulties, especially inability of the team members from field visits and conducting analyses, cause Syrian government preventing Syrian Network for Human Rights to work freely on the Syrian’s territory, and chasing its member.

Therefore, Syrian Network for Human Rights’ Team who exist in all of the Syrian territories documented and recorded information and testimonies that they could obtain from survivors, eyewitnesses and physicians had examined injures , to finally get the following appendixes and attachments.

Syrian government’s Armed Forces launched13attacks targeted  5 Governorates.
using types of poisonous gases in some of these attacks, and chemical weapons in others, that’s what we could confirm in these current circumstances by testimonies of residents and physicians in the field  hospital. Syrian network for human rights’ team prepared detailed reports about those terrify attacks that led to 57 victims, and 504 injuries.